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The many virtues of carpet

Carpet adds a lot of beauty and elegance to the home, and there’s nothing better than stepping out of bed onto a big, fluffy surface. Make no mistake; it’s as practical and functional as it is visually appealing.

New Braunfels Flooring & Design Center offers design consultation, both in our showroom, or your own home. The latter is a particular advantage, since it enables us to take measurements, examine the room and make the best recommendation for you.

We have a complete inventory that also includes hardwood, vinyl, ceramic and porcelain, and waterproof (WPC) flooring. Our showroom is in New Braunfels, TX and we also serve Canyon Lake, San Marcos, McQueeney, Seguin, and Schertz communities.

Carpet provides:

  • Noise insulation. Carpet keeps sound waves and echoes from bouncing all around the room and when placed between floors, it keeps you from hearing footsteps, beeping devices, or the muffled voices of phone chatter.
  • Thermal insulation. New Braunfels can have some pretty extreme weather, with hot and humid summers. Winters, although short, can dip into the 30’s. One of the biggest questions we hear is “Can I still have carpet when hot and muggy?” The answer is yes. If the room is kept cool, the rug will retain that chill. Alternatively, when it’s cold out, it’ll keep the room warm.
  • Shock absorbency. Ever notice how achy and exhausted you are after walking through a mall? That’s because hard surfaces are rigid with no flexibility to the foot. Consequently, your body will get a little jolt every time you step because it’s the foot, not the floor that takes the impact.
Luxury carpet in New Braunfels, TX from New Braunfels Flooring & Design Center

Carpetis flexible and cushiony and that’s even increased further with a good padding

  • Safety. Carpet provides a soft fall and, in some cases, it can even prevent them since some hard surfaces become slippery.
  • Allergy and asthma relief. The fibers trap undesirable particles and they stay there until the rug is steam-cleaned.
  • Many fiber types. There are four basic ones: Wool carpet comes from sheep, and is also inherently durable and stain resistant because of the natural oils. Nylon has ultra-strength and stain resistance, and polyester is catching up. Olefin is the most economical, but not as durable. Please be aware that there are also blends and other fibers such as Triexta and silk.

Never skimp on padding, because it’s the foundation of the rug, protecting it, and preventing rolls, bumps, and wrinkles. Think of it as the asphalt on a driveway; you can’t see it, but you know it’s important.

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